Friday, May 15, 2009

Ok its been too long, but school is a time killer. I will address a few problems I have gotten recently.

"I am madly in love with a girl at my high school. I can't seem to stop following and hanging around her. My friends say that I am stalking but I believe I am confessing my love!!! What should I do?"

I have been in this situation myself sir and you must tread this line carefully. Most women will see this as being creepy and not you confessing your love. I surest either backing off a bit or asking her out. This seemingly one sided attitude similar to if you were dating will only end badly. Just a warning though if you do ask her out you might get a negative response to if she has been noticing this following around mentality. You should always give it a shot though. If she says no, move on it sucks for 2 weeks or so... I've been through many of these times, but eventually it will have a positive outlook and you will usually find negatives in that person that would have driven you crazy down the line.
Thank you for asking your question.

I have received two other questions from friends, but one I feel is not extremely important to the person asking the question and the other has become a non necessity to the question asker. The second question on the other hand can be generalized and it becomes very important to many people. So I shall generalize it and answer it.

When an illegal drug is being taken that changes personalities and is addicting and is causing heavier use each time, this is a bad situation. When this situation leads to an abusive relationship this is a situation one must rid themselves quickly. There is no excuse to keep this relation going. Not even a band. One must force an intervention on this person or they must remove them from their lives.

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