Friday, May 15, 2009

Ok its been too long, but school is a time killer. I will address a few problems I have gotten recently.

"I am madly in love with a girl at my high school. I can't seem to stop following and hanging around her. My friends say that I am stalking but I believe I am confessing my love!!! What should I do?"

I have been in this situation myself sir and you must tread this line carefully. Most women will see this as being creepy and not you confessing your love. I surest either backing off a bit or asking her out. This seemingly one sided attitude similar to if you were dating will only end badly. Just a warning though if you do ask her out you might get a negative response to if she has been noticing this following around mentality. You should always give it a shot though. If she says no, move on it sucks for 2 weeks or so... I've been through many of these times, but eventually it will have a positive outlook and you will usually find negatives in that person that would have driven you crazy down the line.
Thank you for asking your question.

I have received two other questions from friends, but one I feel is not extremely important to the person asking the question and the other has become a non necessity to the question asker. The second question on the other hand can be generalized and it becomes very important to many people. So I shall generalize it and answer it.

When an illegal drug is being taken that changes personalities and is addicting and is causing heavier use each time, this is a bad situation. When this situation leads to an abusive relationship this is a situation one must rid themselves quickly. There is no excuse to keep this relation going. Not even a band. One must force an intervention on this person or they must remove them from their lives.

Monday, May 4, 2009

First Post

This is the first post of the Third Wheel Love Advice. Take my advice with a grain of salt if you will, but I have had friends ask for advice ever since they needed advice. I have found it fairly strange when I'm the first to get asked for advice since I have never had a relationship with anyone and I'm always the third wheel. From time to time it might not be love advice, for example an attack on PDA (Public Displays of Affection) like this post. I will start out with an attack on that and wait for a comment or an e-mail asking for advice on a matter.

When you happen to be in a relation please always be aware of your public displays of affection. It irks almost every single person and even some people who are in a relationship. Holding hands is not a PDA, but when escalates to kissing you have gone too far. A personal irk of mine that I have been put through in the past few weeks is the PDA of spooning. It creates a very strange situation for others in the room. These PDA's puts us third wheels in an awkward spot. We are joining you to add to the fun of having a group, but when you do this it puts a flat into the third wheel. We already know you are in love. Be constantly aware of your situation it's not that hard.

Please send me questions and I will do the best to answer them. I can't do this without your input!

-Your Third Wheel,